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Vantage Vol 2
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Vantage Vol 2

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The Loneliness of One (0:41 min) Description: Defining the relationship.

Vinyl (4:12 min) Description: A slightly obsessive vinyl fanatic searches for his precious record.

The Undeniably Untimely Demise of Leland Sturgis (8:15 min) Description: Seth and Dawn devise a bold plan to help free Jonathan.

Doll Face (4:14 min) Description: An experimental genre, Doll Face addresses the realities of trying to attain an ever-raising standard of beauty.

Not Evelyn Cho (9:57 min) Description: Sarah serendipitously receives a package for Evelyn Cho.

The Haircut (5:11 min) Description: Bill and Muse are on a quest for the perfect haircut.

Freedom Within (La Liberte de lInterieur) (5:04 min) Description: A self imposed prisoner discovers life in unexpected places.

The Select Fit (3:30 min) Description: Tomboy edits his own reality.

All films and interviews are subtitled in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), and Korean.