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Beginning The Christian Adventure K004 $14.45 Kids learn to walk with Jesus, overcome problems, pray, and win spiritual battles through Christ!
Good News Gloves K001 $8.45 The Good News Glove is a classic and fun tool to share the Gospel with children. This colorful glove helps children understand and connect with the message of the gospel.
Jesus Is Alive K002 $12.45 This kid friendly Q&A about the claims of the Gospel writers and 2,000 years of believing Christians, examines the compelling evidence that Jesus Christ conquered death!
New Life Game- Jesus in Me K005 $1.45 This is an activity-book styled follow-up material for children.
Resurrection Eggs K008 $24.00 Communicate to children on their level: with tangible objects and memorable stories!
Secret Keeper Girl K009 $29.00 When your daughter looks in the mirror, what does she see? Face it…your "little " is growing up and will soon become a woman. You've probably already talked about , alcohol, and the birds and the bees.
The Life Of Jesus - DVD K003 $18.95 At last! You can now share the message of Jesus on DVD with pre-school and early primary school age kids.
The Wonder Devotional Book K007 $9.45 For 7-12 year olds.
What God wants for Christmas - Gift Pack K006 $33.95 We’ve wrapped up all of the anticipation and excitement of being a child at Christmas into What God Wants for Christmas.

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